First Post!

Starting a blog and website while my wife and I are currently trying to remember what to do with a 2 week old, while figuring out what to do with a 3 year old AND being fully in the thick of a house renovation might not seem like the best idea.

Add in to this my fairly demanding work/ travel schedule and you would be tempted to think I’m a bit nuts.

The thing is, it is times like this where the practiful philosophy and all things practiful really come in to their own.

Well, I’m not going to ‘bang on’ too much (as thats also kinda part of it all) but at at some point between 3 and 4 am this morning, while bottle feeding our newborn baby boy lets just say inspiration hit me a little bit.

I could have been tired, overwhelmed and stressed had it not been for the way we do things round here these days.

Made up of a combination of products, apps, systems and ways of thinking (that we’ve had to kind of train ourselves to do) we are genuinely managing things quite well and having sat on wanting to create this site for some time, it clicked with me this morning that rather than wait until the chaos is over to start it as I was planning to do- now is the perfect time to put things into practice with this site as well!


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