The 3am feed and the bottle prep machine that inspired this blog!!

Theres no two ways about it… a full of milk baby is a happy baby.

At 3am in the morning… a happy-full of milk baby is also a happy mummy and daddy….. (and  big sister… and neighbours… and everyone we meet the next day.)

The thing here is… as much as you love them- the less time you spend awake with your newborn between the hours of 12am and 7am THE BETTER!!!


As I mentioned in my first post the other day, this whole thing here is about being ‘Practiful’ and one simple way of describing that is ‘doing what works- quickly’

To me the other night, that meant getting up and making up a bottle, while holding a crying baby, while trying not to wake everyone up! This being our second baby and certainly not the first time I have been through this, I can honestly and truthfully say that the bottle prep machine we have bought this time round makes things A LOT easier!

I’m not a dramatic person- you won’t see the terms lifesaver and god send around here often. If I bold and underline the words ‘a lot’ though, you’ll know I mean business.

I really mean it when I say that at approximately 3:30am in the morning on Friday the 11th August 2017, while holding my second born and listening to the satisfying hum of this machine, a lightening bolt of inspiration hit me and I thought…

This is what I’ve being going on about!

Just getting on with things and just struggling through the short term situations and adversities in our lives is what is dragging us down and holding us back.

I know I might be coming across as over the top here (and certainly not overly manly!!) but seriously, this little machine is a prime example of the personal philosophy I have been honing for the last 8 to 10 years.

Well more about that later, I want to tell you about the machine.

I do know that making baby bottles is not that hard! (or socially acceptable :S)

For reasons my wife wouldn’t appreciate me going into on here, she’s unable to breastfeed.

For the first time since the last time, she felt terrible about that for a full week. Firstly, it’s not nice seeing your wife feel down about something she has no control over, secondly, as well as it being the second time- the nurses and the entire health system make it quite clear they are against your ‘decision’.

It’s not a decision for many of us and therefore shouldn’t come with so much stigma and guilt.

There are adverts now calling out against breast feed in public shaming. We’ll probably one day need adverts calling out against ‘can’t breast feed so have to bottle feed’ shaming!!

Add into the fact that there’s a bit more technical involvement to bottle feeding than there is to breast and you’re adding technical brain problems on top of emotional ones.

The technical process is simple…

You add the freshly ‘once only‘ boiled water to the bottle as per the quantities on the side of the box. You add the formula and shake. You then, via whatever means you prefer, cool the bottle to the right temperature. You check this periodically over the next few minutes by spraying it in your eye while trying to get it on your tongue, spraying it on your tongue while trying to avoid contaminating the the teat with said tongue, putting a few drops on the inside of your wrist (where even tepid water feels molten for some reason!)

When you’ve got the right temperature you then offer the bottle to your know bright red, throat sore baby before it explodes.

For the whole roughly a year that we bottle fed our first child (who is our happy, healthy, intelligent and developing perfectly daughter!!) I never liked the process.

I got it wrong so many times and had to pour out the bottle. Either forgetting how many scoops I had added, not cooling it right down enough in good enough time, cooling it down too much while trying to calm her, ‘contaminating’ the teat with my wrist or tongue (and over reacting as such 😂).

This machine has changed all that for us.

This is how it goes with the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine:

1/5. You fill the machine at the side with ordinary tap water and set the dial to the amount you need in the bottle in fluid ounces.


2/5. You take your pre sterilised bottle, take the top off (obviously!), stick it on the platform and press the power button which will then flash red on and off and start filling the hot filtered water.


3/5. The machine then bleeps once to let you know it’s done.

Take off the bottle and add the formula. Either scoop it in from the box or for extra practifulness, use the pre-measured pots you can get here.


4/5 . Give it a shake/ swirl, put it back on the machine and press the button. This time it will flash on and off green and will add the filtered cold water.

5/5 . This time it beeps twice when it’s done.

Take off the bottle, give it a shake or a swirl. Insert into the babies mouth knowing calmly that its the right temperature. (You will check this yourself the first half dozen to a dozen times because you’re a parent and thats what we do!)

You have now gone from this

to this

You are now at the start (unless this is not your first post) to being a fellow practiful one and you can thank me by commenting or sharing 😳 😉 👍.

You can get the prep machine here on amazon in the UK (Click here for the equivalent in the USA) and later on I’ll be adding it to the Practiful Products Directory so you can compare the prices from a variety of outlets.

Also, whether you use the machine or not the pre measured powder dispenser is really useful either way, you can get that here.

This is also a link to the Tommee Tippee website which is actually a worthwhile visit.

Thanks for reading and come back soon!!









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